Some questions to ask when thinking about making a website.

When a client asks you to build a website you should consider the below before responding..

 – What is the desired action? Not what is the desired website action but human action? Is it to buy something. Believe something. Join something. Contribute something. What does the role of the website play in achieving that goal?

 – Does achieving that goal really need a website?

 – What would it take for YOU to perform the desired action above. Honestly. When was the last time you did it? How did a website help prompt or empower you to? Not as a marketer or web geek but as an average punter who doesn’t give a shit about clever executions.

– Why does this site deserve to exist in a sea of billions of web pages. What value does it bring to the creative commons? Or is it just adding to the clutter?

 – Would it be popular without the support of buying millions of impressions of media placements? Clicks are easy to get when you pay for them. But wasting clients money even if they are too stupid to realise isn’t professional.

 – If this is the ‘final’ destination? The grand finale in the relationship. Does it make it feel dirty like a one night stand? E.G. I got what I wanted now fuck off. Or could this be the start not the end of a relationship? It should always be the latter with the consumer at least.  

 – When reputation is everything would people really risk looking uncool to share this with their peers?

 – If it involves a game when drawing on inspiration think hard about which game you ‘liked’ that you actually played. I hear loads of people saying they went to check out a game and thought it was great but when asked if they played it they often say ‘not to the end’ or they simply find and excuse as to why not. 

– Are you just building it to take the clients money?



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